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Meooooow. My humans and I believe that the future is worth protecting. We believe that climate change is affecting us all. We believe that climate change is real.

We will donate $5 for every Ripple Rug sold to support the United States Climate Alliance. Join with us and share your support for the Paris Climate Agreement.

Just enter the code: We Believe when placing an order on our shopping page.

We can make a difference, one Ripple Rug at a time.

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I'm a Tortoiseshell + Tabby = Torbie. I never met my dad, so I'm not sure what he was, but mom is a beautiful dark tabby. I love Chipmunks and my favorite toy is the Ripple Rug. I love raw turkey, but have been known to steal a nibble of my human's donut when he's not looking. What do I think about mice with wings and beaks? "If I can't catch them, they must be on the other side of the window. If I can't get out to catch them, then I think that today is a good day to eat a pet-canary instead."