Let’s tell you a little bit about us. So that you can see that we are real humans, not drones in a big faceless corporation. We also love our cats. Sometimes it surprises us, that there are some people out there working at cat corporations who don’t even have or like kitties!

Snuggly Cat Inc.

Snuggly Cat’s mission is to make the world a happier and healthier environment for all domesticated furry feline friends.All of our products are designed to enhance the natural mental and physical well-being of your cat.

We always try to source the most environmentally-friendly materials and manufacturing processes when creating our products.

Naturally, we take great care in ensuring that any employees working directly with us, (or as a third party for Snuggly Cat Inc.) not only work in safe and healthy surroundings, but that they are also remunerated fairly for their time and efforts.

Our Staff Team

We work with ten different companies based in the USA, (located in four states).  In total, 122 US workers are involved in the production of Ripple Rugs. (This doesn’t include all of the wonderful postal carriers that deliver Snuggly Cat products to your door).






Fred and Natasha Ruckel are the founders of SnugglyCat Inc.  Although they both love their cat Yoda, they never thought that would end-up creating a business that makes cat-friendly products!

Fred grew up working in the family business as a plumber. He shifted his career in 1993, where he accepted an internship at a television production company in New York City. Fred worked his way up the ranks to become a visual effects artist and Creative Director, eventually opening his own company during 1999.

Fred has been featured in trade magazines over 200 times in his career. He is also a speaker at technology conferences and regularly consults for investment firms about technology.

Natasha’s career started at a digital television graphics computer manufacturer based in the UK. Her first role was as a Graphic Designer, but she soon progressed to Product Demonstrator then Product Manager. While there, she spent time at the BBC News & Current Affairs Department, as well as several other large broadcasters around the world. Close involvement with global markets, TV graphics, innovation and product research led Natasha to undertake post-graduate studies in marketing. After working for several different corporations within technology and life sciences (in Oxford, UK), Natasha relocated to Montreal. While working in Canada, within the Media & Entertainment industry, Natasha met Fred.

Eighteen months later, Natasha moved to NYC. Following a stint as Social Media Director for a billion dollar global consulting company, Natasha became Creative Content Director at digital agency.

During 2011 Fred and Natasha produced a TV show for the DIY Network called ‘Dream House Log Cabin’,  it was about building their own home from scratch. The show is still airing and can be watched online on the DIY network website.

As 2011 came to a close, Fred launched a new company called RuckSackNY, a digital full-service marketing and advertising agency.  As RuckSackNY grew, Natasha joined forces with Fred; this husband and wife duo have been working side by side ever since. Together they write, produce, direct and create campaigns that help both small and large companies.

Technology, inventions, green-building and health-conscious living are important to both Fred and Natasha.  These criteria make the foundation of SnugglyCat’s safety and quality standards when manufacturing products for our furry friends.