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What goes on in a cat’s head? Who knows? Let’s try and pretend that we know what they are thinking! We share all here…

The Neck Pillow For Cats

How Do You Stop Your Cat From Scratching Their Chin?

I love my neck pillow for long-haul flights, but will my cat love hers too?

Recently, poor Yoda got bitten

Cats Gone Wild Dec 2020

Cats Gone Wild: Video Courtesy Ripple Rug Community Posts

Cats Gone Wild – Holiday Version 2020

Sit back and Relax. Forget

Cat Fight!

How These Inventors Beat the Counterfeiters That Nearly Destroyed Their Company.

How These Inventors Beat the Counterfeiters That Nearly Destroyed Their Company.

News Article in Entrepreneur Magazine Jul/Aug 2018

superfur…a new pet?

Believe it or not, superfur isn’t a new breed of long-eared animal.

Let me tell you a purrfect story…My humans decided to carry out a little investigation.

Their idea, was to try and calculate how much fur

stay safe my furry friends

Meooooow, it’s summer time and the 4th of July is here again. Us furry babies don’t really like these celebrations much, especially those loud explosions, that shake the ground and fog up the sky with

we believe

Meooooow. My humans and I believe that the future is worth protecting. We believe that climate change is affecting us all. We believe that climate change is real.

We will donate $5 for every Ripple Rug

‘purr n play’ n paw a little…

meow…have you bought a Purr N Play? If YES – we’d love to know 😉 The Purr N Play is a knock-off of our lovely Ripple Rug. Help us with our on-going investigations into these

copycats- shame on you!

Me and my humans were horrified to learn that some smelly copycats decided to try and make a knock-off of our beloved  Ripple Rug – under a different name.
Copycats often follow a pattern: they run

a cat-mouse carol

‘twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even…well, no mouse. And, being a cat, I can hear those high-pitched squeakers better than any human. Sadly, there

food glorious food!

It’s that time of year…shorter days, colder temperatures, less chipmunks running around. This season makes me so hungry.

Humans and fur babies alike notice less daylight hours during the winter months.

Thankfully today is TURKEY DAY!

I’m already


It’s that time of year again! Things go bump in the night and our human parents insist that we don weird materials.

Let’s be clear, I’m nothing like the real BatCat. Don’t get me wrong. I

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