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What goes on in a cat’s head? Who knows? Let’s try and pretend that we know what they are thinking! We share all here…

how much should a cat sleep?


Cats Sleep Lots – About 16 Hours A day Lots!

My humans seem to be awake most of the day and sometimes a lot of the night too. I

donuts! – covered in cinnamon sugar balls

Mew – did I feel rough yesterday! Let me tell you why…

My humans left the nest for a few hours. Within that time, I decided to entertain myself.

I managed to jump on the metal door

MEOWing a blog is time-consuming for any cat!

Yup, I know, I’m a cat, I don’t really like hanging out on a laptop, (unless it’s closed and warm). My paws aren’t really designed for typing much and sometimes I inadvertently walk on the

do I need vaccines? [first vet visit]

The First Visit To The Vet – What You Should Expect…

The People In The White Coats – Coming To Take Me Away?

I don’t like the people in white

please sir can I have more?

Portion Control

I’m really hungry all the time!

I am a cat and I love my food. It’s the best part of the day. Frequently, I have to get my

why do cats knead?

Kneedy Cat – Or Instinctive Behavior?

It’s common kitten behavior!

My siblings and I were a needy litter. We loved mommy-cat and we loved her milkshakes. We didn’t want to

what would you like to eat?

Raw Diets Choosing The Right Method

I know I’ve mentioned it in passing, but eating is so important to me. I love food. I like to eat regularly. I don’t

to use or not to use…litter…

“If we’re not going in the litter box, there’s often something bugging us”

why cats like to poop in clean litter boxes!

I’m pretty good when it comes to visiting

scratchy scratchy

Us kitties love to scratch. We wake up in the morning and stretttttch. Our little claws hold us into place as we seemingly spread out like an accordion and get the circulation going.

My humans

if you leave me now

Meeeeoooow. The first night was hard. I was very excited about my new humans and all the exciting new places that I could run and hide in. There were plenty of strange new smells

exploring my new home

Moving into my new home was a big adventure for me. Lots of new smells, plenty of places to hide, no siblings crawling on me or biting me. But no mommy-cat either!

I recall that moment

drink to a brighter future – cat milk

We completely relied on our mommy-cat for milk. Our mommy-cat had a great human, who made sure that she had plenty of extra food and water to keep her energy levels up. It takes a

jedi mind trick: “take me home”

I guess you’re wondering how I got the name Yoda. It might have been because of my exceptionally big ears when I was a tiny kitty. I didn’t have the power to make anything levitate

nothing to do with fabric softner – 3 weeks old

Aw, weren’t we a fine looking bunch of fur-babies? Looking around, stumbling like we’ve had too many cocktails! We weren’t so strong on our feet back then, so we kept bumping into each other.

Everyday my

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