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Us kitties love to scratch. We wake up in the morning and stretttttch. Our little claws hold us into place as we seemingly spread out like an accordion and get the circulation going.

My humans don’t always seem happy with me when I stick my paws into the furniture. They seem to get very agitated. I don’t understand why? They love a good stretch every now and then, why shouldn’t I?

Manicures too are very important! I love to plunge my claws into soft squishy cushions. There’s nothing quite like that feeling, when breaking through a surface and oozing into soft mush. Kneading threads is quite satisfying – it’s like playing my own harp without the scary noises.

It’s so much fun to drag your nails downwards – on all sorts of surfaces. I learned that from watching a movie about a big fish with sharp teeth. The captain scrapes his nails down a chalkboard – it seemed to get the humans to prick up their ears! I like to do that! I get the attention I need when my humans ignore me and I’m agitated!

My humans are only just learning that I need places to do my manicures. It’s important for me to keep my nails trim. We kitties have small nail shards on the outside of our claws that need removing. My humans made a rug with ripples in it, for me to stretch out and dig my claws into. It’s so much fun! The best part is that I get to rub my scent all over the rug and they don’t seem to mind. (Not that they could even see or smell my magic kitty-scent marker).

My humans found out that I really loved scratching my Ripple Rug, so they started making new ones and putting them near all the furniture! I prefer scratching the rug these days, I love digging my nails into those looped carpet fibers!


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