The Ripple Rug

It’s The Flippity Floppity Rug That Cats & Kittens Love

We Love Our Kitties! So We Invented The Ripple Rug To Entertain Them.


SnugglyCat’s Ripple Rug is the World’s most versatile ‘Multifunctional Enrichment System’. Made using recycled materials, here in the USA, the Ripple Rug helps provide a safe environment for your furry loved-ones. The Ripple Rug consists of two pieces of carpet: the bottom half is lined with a non-slip rubber/latex-coating, and the top half contains multiple touch-points to help form your own ripples. Holes of various sizes on the top rug are perfect for your kitty to hide and peer out at passers-by. The carpet fibers are designed to withstand clawing and biting. The durable ribbed needle-punch carpet design is ideal for pets. All edges are anti-fray plus non-raveling, helping prevent your cat from swallowing loose carpet fluffs or threads. The carpet fibers are also mold, mildew and stain resistant. The Ripple Rug is easy to clean and dries lickety-split.

The Ripple Rug


STYLE: Designer Round Corners

COLORS: Black, Mocha, Oatmeal and Beige.

SIZE: 47 inches x 35 inches

MANUFACTURED: In The USA (US Patent #10,070,623, #10,334,824, #10,701,898)

BENEFITS: Saves Furniture from Destructive Behaviors – Helps Entertain your Fur Friends, Keeping Them Happy & Healthy – Fun Interactive Play – Great for Training – Perfect Bed Mat For Rest, Sleep & Recuperation.

FEATURES: Strong Fibers Designed for Scratching – Thermal Base – Multi Use Habitat – Safety Slits for Expansion – Quickly Re-configured – Easy-To-Clean – Carpet Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

How To Shape Your Ripple Rug


Yoda our cat, can’t meow about this enough: ***AVOID STRETCHING THE TOP RUG OUT FULLY, DO NOT LAY THE TOP RUG OUT FLAT***  i.e. don’t try to match the four corners of the top rug with the four corners of the bottom rug. Don’t be afraid to model the top carpet into a 3d-shape. The ripples work better when there is base rug exposed! Aim to expose at least 20% of the bottom rug.

The large Ripple Rug base is designed to provide your kitty with a safe boundary, as well as a stable foundation, making it a great launch pad for your cat.


Regular changing-up of the top rug, by moving the touch-points to different locations, or rolling the touch-points on themselves to form reinforced arches, increases your kitty’s curiosity. The use of wands, treats, and other toys hidden in ripples, will help increase the interaction between you and your fur-ball.

  • Playing with a wand-toy, while your cat is hiding under the rug, helps build a bond with you and kitty, initiating future play-times together.
  • Kitties love when you throw their toys into the holes, encouraging them to use their search and locating skills, creating activity for couch-potato behaving fur-balls.
  • Hiding treats in the folds brings out your kitty’s natural instincts, helping slower eating and weight loss management.

Even Your Cat Would Buy One!

(especially if they knew how to use ‘one-click’ ordering).

Your cat will love the coziness of ripples to sleep and snuggle in or lounge on top.

It’s a great grooming spot for your kitty to lick to their heart’s content!

You can reshape it anytime giving your cat a new play space whenever you like.

Multiple touch-points allow for simple ‘lift and release’ so you can easily create new shapes.

Change it daily, or leave it alone and watch your cat reshape it, by pushing their paws against it or rolling around on it.

The varied sized holes act as tunnels and hideouts. Some are big enough for a cat to dive into.

Cats love hiding inside, or stalking you. Don’t be surprised if they jump out to tap your leg and pounce as you walk by, it’s adorable.

The smaller holes are perfect for cats to stick their paw through and play with you.

All medium to large holes have safety slits for larger cat expansion.

The non-slip rubber bottom is insulated (R-3 rating), providing a warm, cozy bed that deadens sound, NO POWER required.

We Love The Ripple Rug Because We Know That It’s A Safe Place For Our Cats Yoda, Spock and Jin G


Safety Slits – allows for expansion of hole. Current size based on average 10lb domestic cat. (If your cat weighs more than an average domestic cat, the slits may be cut with sharp scissors to accommodate weightier breeds).

Non-Toxic Carpet – made from PET post-consumer recycled plastic bottles (e.g. water, soda bottles), the polyester fiber is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. If your cat decides to chew the carpet, (as ours does regularly), the polyester isn’t bad.

Non-Slip Coating – The non-toxic rubber coating prevents the rug from slipping when cats pounce on the rug. (We’ve all seen cats dive across a room and go crashing into the furniture because they just can’t brake in time – not with this rug). Fun fact: The latex in the non-slip coating is the same as that used in surgeons’ gloves.

Touch-Point Release – Should the hook-tape take firm grip of the carpet while your fur-ball rolls inside your rug and decides to struggle, (as if under duress), fear not, the Touch-Points are calibrated to release.

Non-Fray Carpet Design – The special carpet ribbed needle-punch construction is designed not to fray. That means no stray threads to chew on. (Even if you decide to cut the carpet with sharp scissors, the carpet doesn’t produce little crumbs/bobbles).


Back in 2015 our product was stolen by copycats. We were horrified to learn that some unscrupulous infringers decided to try and make a knock-off of our beloved Ripple Rug – under a different name.


Copycats often follow a pattern: they run commercials, create a website, spread messages via social media etc.

Beware of copycats selling FAKE Ripple Rugs (many of whom are using Facebook and Instagram ads to lure you in). Sadly the ‘fakers’ are using our pictures, videos and marketing to sell cheaply-made imitations, that may be dangerous to your fur-baby. In several instances nasty rats have taken payment and credit card details from unsuspecting buyers, without ever shipping a product.

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