Review By The Dodo

The Dodo, the World’s #1 digital-media brand for animal lovers, says that the Ripple Rug is: “Literally The Most Creative Cat Toy In The World”.

In addition, they go on to say that “All our cats are OBSESSED — how is that even possible?”

Our cats Yoda, Spock and JinG are in agreement, they can’t get enough of the Ripple Rug either.

The Dodo picked five Dodo cats to see how they reacted. The results are in! All of the cats seemed to be immediately drawn to the Ripple Rug. Above all, the tester’s humans observed their cats loving the interactions and ripples that were formed.

In conclusion, don’t just take our fur-ball’s word for it. READ THE FULL REVIEW

About The Author

Natasha Ruckel

Human Valet Assistant to Yoda, Spock & Jin G