Moving into my new home was a big adventure for me. Lots of new smells, plenty of places to hide, no siblings crawling on me or biting me. But no mommy-cat either!

I recall that moment of panic when I had to go to sleep the first night. I had the sudden urge to cry and hide in a dark hole. I guess those humans in white coats would call it ‘separation anxiety’.

My humans gently lowered me into a heated furry igloo. Seemingly there was a big floppy cat thing in there, its heart was beating, and its body vibrated as it did so. The floppy cat didn’t move an inch. It was sort of a relief, considering that when I was with my siblings, I was always the one they picked on or pushed out into the cold.

My humans also put some of their socks in the igloo with me. I think they call that aromatherapy. The sweet smell of foot lingers and sooths you as you sleep. It’s almost as though they were there keeping you company.

My first night went fast, I was so tired and it was so nice to sleep without any disturbances. When I did wake up, from footsteps from above. I stretched, a little confused with my whereabouts and then ran to the door to greet my human.

That was a great moment! We hugged, head-butted; I purred my little heart out. I made it through my first night away from mommy-cat. No monsters dragged me away, I was snug, comfy and the big floppy cat didn’t push me out of the igloo into the cold! Things were looking up.

My humans had been smart. They introduced me to one room only. We played together and we snuggled in there. I was even fed there. (Albeit, in the privacy of a big plastic box, with an open door and a handle on top of it).

My litter box was nearby, but private. My human put me in the first day and started scratching around in the granules. I got it straight away! I scratch here too quite happily when I need to go!

I had such a wonderful selection of magic furry mice and tinkling balls to play with. Everything was all in one place. A veritable Disney Land of my own.