Mew – did I feel rough yesterday! Let me tell you why…

My humans left the nest for a few hours. Within that time, I decided to entertain myself.

I managed to jump on the metal door flapper handle thing and I made my escape. Oh – what fun it is to run around the house. Free to go anywhere and everywhere! No restrictions.

I jumped up on everything. I sniffed out the scents around the home. I discovered new hiding places. I even uncovered a roll of soft white tissue-stuff hanging on the wall. This was so much fun. I pawed and pawed and pawed on it for a long time, until finally it shrunk into a cardboard tube. The tube wasn’t that much fun, I tapped it a couple of times, it rattled, it soon lost its entertainment value.

Being a kitty who loves a challenge, I was happy to investigate other parts of the house. It became an exciting adventure.

Sniffing is a pre-requisite for a cat. I sniff therefore I am. My nose guided me to parts unknown:  A cloth-bag filled with my human’s-scented garments, out-door fragrant pots filled with green-sprouts and leafiness, foot-wrap-things complete with hanging strings. I played with the strings for a bit, they reminded me wriggly creatures.

This was so much fun. Although it was a bit quiet. I do like when by humans are near-by.

No matter. Nothing like a tasty morsel to take away loneliness. I made my way to the feeding area. Sometimes, I’ve been lucky to find crumbs on the floor. Perfect hors d’eovres for a little kitty like me. Alas, no tasty morsels today.

I lifted my nose and could smell something fragrant above. I jumped up, onto higher ground. My humans put a few boxes here. The boxes are closed, however, a bit of clever paw manoeuvring, I slip my claw underneath and grab the soft, mushy doughy rings.

What a delight. There are tasty, tiny balls on top that I can reach and lick off. Just one more…and another…and another. Soft crunchy, and mew, more, I want more!

I don’t know why, but these tasty little balls are plentiful, easy-to-reach and sooo palatable. I won’t why my humans have never given these to me before.

I then hear my humans returning, I run to greet them as they enter the home.

After some cat moments, maybe a cat hour or so, I feel incredible pain in my tummy. I follow my human-mom around. I just want cuddles from her, I want her to take away the pain. Human-mom can’t work out why I’m so clingy.

It isn’t until the next day, that my human-dad discovers that I’ve nibbled on his doughy rings, covered in little balls. “Yoda” he says “Donuts are not for you! You eat these and you’ll get feline diabetes!” I’m not sure what he meant. It sounded like “Yoda bla, bla, bla”. I love him anyway, even though I don’t always understand him.

Either way. I’ve never found boxes of those doughy rings out on higher grounds since. I think that the humans hide them behind doors.

Comment from Human: Feline Diabetes is on the rise. As such, we do not recommend feeding your cat (especially if they beg), donuts or any other sugary or processed foods. Cats are very clever and will find ways to access food when you are not looking! We always put food away from prying paws, in our closet.