Cats Sleep Lots – About 16 Hours A day Lots!

My humans seem to be awake most of the day and sometimes a lot of the night too. I don’t know how they do this! Us kitties sleep about 12-16 hours a day. I like to find a nice cosy spot during the day, curl up and close my eyes.

This works perfectly for me and my humans, as they seem to spend most of their time looking at their bright rectangular screens. I don’t disturb them too much while they’re doing that.

Wild kitties (those who don’t live in houses with humans), are most active during dawn and dusk. That’s the best time of day to hunt prey. In hotter climates, hunting can be a burden during the peak hours of the beaming sun.

Resting between hunting times helps those protein-filled tasty mice and birds go down nicely. Nothing like a good lick, to wash off the prey (or bits of human-prepared food), after a tasty meal. The wild kitties don’t want to draw attention to themselves, so they meticulously remove any smell. We kitties instinctively do the same at home. No one likes a smelly-kitty.

Now, I’m not saying I do everything like my wild counterparts, but somehow, I’m similar in my behaviour, it’s kind of built-in.

My humans love that I sleep, they get their stuff done and then we all hang out and play together when they’re done for the day!

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I’m a Tortoiseshell + Tabby = Torbie. I never met my dad, so I’m not sure what he was, but mom is a beautiful dark tabby. I love Chipmunks and my favorite toy is the Ripple Rug. I love raw turkey, but have been known to steal a nibble of my human’s donut when he’s not looking.