Yup, I know, I’m a cat, I don’t really like hanging out on a laptop, (unless it’s closed and warm). My paws aren’t really designed for typing much and sometimes I inadvertently walk on the keys to my human’s horror. I don’t mean too, but apparently walking on a key-board can cause my human-dad distress. He told me not to delete ‘files’ (or did he mean flies?) and I promise, I’ve not really done anything.

Many of my cat friends, who read my blog, keep asking me to post more entries. I’ve rubbed my head on my human’s face a lot recently, while they’re tapping on their laptops. I think they got the message. They promised to type for me, so I can share my stories and be more furbal (cat-speak for verbal).

I, like my humans, have had many fun-filled busy days of late. The best part of my day is testing rugs. I jump from one rug to the next, roll around, poke my head in and out of holes. I, like most cats, enjoy scratching, clawing and pouncing most.

My humans don’t seem to have as much fun as me. They spend hours putting rugs into pink bags. They also seem to be surgically attached to their laptops, I can’t imagine how 14 hours a day in front of a glowing rectangle can be captivating. There’s not even any moving dots for them to catch – I just don’t understand the attraction. I even try to distract them by patting them on their leg. Or, I often sit in front of them, starring at into their eyes, for what seems to be hours. I’m a cat of few words, so meowing isn’t my favorite option when getting attention.

Well, there you have it, more stories to come. The first paw is always the hardest, (‘step’ instead of ‘paw’ if you’re human).