I guess you’re wondering how I got the name Yoda. It might have been because of my exceptionally big ears when I was a tiny kitty. I didn’t have the power to make anything levitate nor did I sound like Frank Oz (the man behind Yoda’s voice in the Star Wars movie), because I meow in cat language. I don’t really understand humans. But the name stuck.
I think it’s because, one day, maybe when I was about five weeks old, and cute and as soft, fluffy mice with long squishy tails, some humans came to visit us. They just came for a walk to see their neighbour, and then made a visit to see us and make silly ‘ah’ noises into our little kitty whiskers.
To cut a long story short, one of the humans kept coming over and picking me up. I was hiding in a corner and wanted to be left alone. Maybe it was because one of my siblings had crawled on top of me, and scratched my eye the previous day. My poor eye was pretty gunged up. I just wanted to snuggle with my mommy-cat.
However, this human took a liking to me, and somehow when I looked into her face and smelt her breath, and heard her calming voice, I knew somehow, one day we’d be best friends forever.
It must have been at that moment that our minds melded (oh no, that’s what Spock would have done). Let me rephrase. It would have been at that moment, when I looked into her eyes and used all of my little-kitty force. I sent the message: ‘take me home’.
Well, I was only five weeks old. I wasn’t going to leave my mommy-cat yet.
This human did come back regularly to see me. Then one day, when I was about nine and a half weeks, I left my mommy-cat for good.
I think my constant reinforcement, and Jedi mind tricks finally worked. The human, my human, got the message.
I’m guessing that’s why my human called me Yoda ☺