Aw, weren’t we a fine looking bunch of fur-babies? Looking around, stumbling like we’ve had too many cocktails! We weren’t so strong on our feet back then, so we kept bumping into each other.

Everyday my sight was becoming clearer, I could actually tell the difference between my mommy-cat, my siblings and the blanket! Wasn’t life grand?

I could even hear the mews of my brothers and sisters, who, as they got much stronger, walked over me, as though I was a pile of leaves on the ground. Anyway, when they got on my nerves, I’d give them a little nip with my tiny baby teeth. These little baby teeth don’t last long though. I did give my human a shock when I was play biting her hand a tooth came out! I was about four months when that happened!

My mommy-cat was always great. She was so patient with us. Licking us all-over. It’s hard to know what to do at three weeks of age. We depend so heavily on our mommy-cat to teach us and look after us. Don’t separate us from mommy-cat! Enough said.