I love my mommy-cat. She’s the best. She put up with six of us. We sucked, clawed and snuggled with her non-stop – both day and night. She may have started to loose interest in us, when we became a little unruly. Not me you understand, I always followed close to her heal, with my little tail pointed straight up in the air.
If she told me jump? I’d meow how high?

We were very fortunate. Some fur-babies don’t have their mom’s milk, because maybe something’s happened to her or maybe her humans couldn’t put up with the mewing and pooping all over the place.

Anyway, I learned everything from my mom. She showed me how. She showed me how to lick my fur, and how to groom myself. I copied the way she would suck hard between her toes, now I do the same to remove all the clingy bits from the floor or chunks of litter that stick to the fur between my paws. It was cat hygiene one-o-one!

Anyway, those days are long gone. My human is my mom now. She doesn’t let me sleep and snuggle up with her at night though. That makes me sad, I get put in my room and then I fall asleep, snuggled in my blankets. My humans always greet me early morning. I get so excited and purr non-stop. I head-butt them and rub myself around their legs. They seem to like that, because they reward me with a nice big plate of food.