I don’t really remember that much from back then. A ten-day old kitty just sleeps mostly. On that day though, something strange happened. Fuzzy things were moving in front of my face. It was pretty bright, but I really couldn’t make out much. Although my eyes opened the day before, shapes were started to form today.

If I say back then was a blur though, you can understand why!

I was starting to smell odours, but I didn’t really know what they were. It was all very strange and very unsettling. I just kept cuddling up against my sibling’s fur and warmth. While everything was wriggling around me, my instincts somehow made me bury my head into my mommy-cat’s soft tummy. I just kept pushing in, as hard as I could. Fur-balls around me did the same.

I was hungry and just wanted to suckle. It was a hard work, pushing against all of those other whining bodies. Sometimes, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get to the milk. I was lucky, because my mom’s human picked me up and made sure that there was plenty for me too.

I guess that was my first interaction with humans. Even back then, they seemed very willing to help and nurture me. But I’m sure I was lucky and that’s not always the case. I guess if we want kitties to like humans then it’s good to have interaction with them early on in life.