Day of Brightness. Day One.

I was born.
The thought still brings fur-balls to my throat!
The first thing I remember was – a heated pink tunnel. The warm fuzziness of the tunnel didn’t last long. I soon popped into the cold. My brothers and sisters wriggled on top of me. They were squirming towards the milk-shake machines. We wriggled a lot towards milk-shakes in the beginning. It was our ‘raison d’être’.
I was the smallest of a six-pack. Yup, that’s right, mommy-cat squeezed out six-squirming beans. I was the runt (I hate that world). My siblings poked me, prodded me and constantly walked on my head. It wasn’t unusual to wake up with a paw stuffed into my ear!
Mommy-cat is awesome. I don’t know where she used to live, she was a stray. Lucky for her, a really nice, loving human took her in…and well yes, us too. We lived in the designer loft above a garage – lucky us!
Bringing up six kitties can be stressful for any mommy-cat. We pounced, chewed, nibbled and kneaded mommy-cat constantly. (Kneaded as in: the action of blending dough, but for milk-shakes not bread).
Mommy-cat started to loose interest in us, around eight weeks. That’s when those wonderful warm milk-shakes became rare. I really miss those tasty drinks.
As for dad. Not sure where he now. I never met him. I think that he’s a ginger-moggy because three of my brothers are orange colored and I’m a tortoiseshell.
We’ve placed ‘Wanted’ notes around the area, just in case dad’s spotted in the vicinity. Let me know if you see him.
Maybe someone will find him and bring him to the humans that wear white coats. I hear that they have all types of aliens probes and things for stitching-up kitten-making tools.