Kneedy Cat – Or Instinctive Behavior?

It’s common kitten behavior!

My siblings and I were a needy litter. We loved mommy-cat and we loved her milkshakes. We didn’t want to a moment apart from her. We would jam our heads into her belly and suckle away. Kneading away with our little paws: left then right then left etc.

We were no different to any other fur-baby litter. It’s common kitten behaviour. We knead with our paws and it seems to somehow make the milk come out. We even purred while we suckled. I guess it’s because we are so happy. Kitten nirvana.

Now that I’m grown up, I still knead. At times, it looks as though I might be kneading dough. I definitely don’t do it for that reason. Bread’s not my thing. I’m 100% carnivore.

After a long night of sleep, (by myself in my bedroom), my humans come to greet in the morning. I am so excited to see them. I just can’t contain myself. I head-butt them, rub myself against their legs, say ‘mew’, and send telepathic waves of love to them!

Then if they sit down, I jump onto them and start kneading. If I’m lucky, my human wears a nice thick fleece and I like to suckle on it while I knead. It’s just like being with mommy-cat again.

I suppose some of us kittys never grow-up. Instinctively, we are little kittens at heart, looking for the comfort of mommy’s love. Maybe at the same time, it’s a clever way of rubbing my scent everywhere 😉

About The Author


I’m a Tortoiseshell + Tabby = Torbie. I never met my dad, so I’m not sure what he was, but mom is a beautiful dark tabby. I love Chipmunks and my favorite toy is the Ripple Rug. I love raw turkey, but have been known to steal a nibble of my human’s donut when he’s not looking.