Meooooow, it’s summer time and the 4th of July is here again. Us furry babies don’t really like these celebrations much, especially those loud explosions, that shake the ground and fog up the sky with weird smelling clouds.

My humans always keep me in the house, where I hide in the safety of my Ripple Rug. I have to admit, those humans of mine are well trained, they’ve even put a Ripple Rug under a bed. That is the most defensible spot possible. Which kitty could ask for more? The bed is also in a nice quite room, away from any guest-humans that might decide to ‘oooo’ and ‘ahhhh’ after every crazy explosion.

Clearly I’m quite a calm cat, so I don’t need any drugs, but I have some furry friends who definitely benefit from herbal remedies, such as Hemp CBD products, Chamomile or Valerian.

Now, for some reason, my humans think that I’m a picky eater. It’s not that I’ll turn my nose up at specially-prepared kitty morsels, but who doesn’t want to try what the humans are eating? My humans sometimes give me a little bit of chicken or fish from the barbeque. I’m not really into beef, sausages or lamb.

My humans always ensure that they don’t give me any bones, because they say that they can splinter and cause me harm. I prefer when I get white meat, or slithers of fish cut into nice little squares.

As for things like onions, corn, guacamole, chips, pretzels and chocolate, well, I’m not really allowed those. My humans tell me that these food items are very, very bad for kitty. I just turn my nose up and meow at anyone who’s eating chicken or fish!

Do I even need to say, that they never share any drinks with me? Although, why would any self-respecting feline want something that smells like nail-polish remover? Humans have such strange cravings. Boy why can’t they be simple like us cats?

So stay safe my furry friends. Hide away in advance and don’t get lost in the woods when the noisy rockets go whistling towards the stars.