It’s that time of year…shorter days, colder temperatures, less chipmunks running around. This season makes me so hungry.

Humans and fur babies alike notice less daylight hours during the winter months.

Thankfully today is TURKEY DAY!

I’m already begging for some of that tasty, succulent birdie. It smells so good, hiding in that warm cave, sizzling, bubbling and wafting eau-de-turkey aroma around the home.

My human parents have told me that I can have a small nibble of the big bird when it’s good and ready! They also told me that I can have some white meat as long as there is no salt, garlic, onion, skin or bones on it. (Oh and definitely no turkey-leg-tying string either. Although, I’m sure that string would be tasty to chew on, but, as my humans say, not so tasty when it’s pulling in my tummy and tied-up in knots. That would surely mean a visit to those humans in the white coats with nasty probes. I definitely don’t want to end up there, so NO string!)

I know that I’ll be begging all day. Who wouldn’t? I smell it – I want it! I’m a cat, that’s what I do.

My humans tell me to enjoy my portion of turkey and to savor every morsel. They also told me not to get clever or to try and scale any cupboards in search of the white stuff. They told me that they are going to hide all the remnants in the silver, cold tall box, and I definitely can’t get that open.

Anymew…Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, wishing you happiness, fun, togetherness and lots of after-dinner mouth-licking!