‘twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even…well, no mouse. And, being a cat, I can hear those high-pitched squeakers better than any human. Sadly, there are no mice (and no chipmunks) in my home.

And, although nothing is stirring right now, my humans recently re-arranged the sofas to accommodate a tree-looking thing. Meow then, let’s talk about this tree for a moment. It looks like the trees outside, and while it’s green, it’s also a bit like Disneyland for cats. It’s probably the biggest entertaining cat-activity center I’ve seen this year.

My humans have outdone themselves on my behalf. There’s all types of twinkly lights, an assortment of dangly-things and feather-covered birdies.

The potential for tree-climbing got me into quite a frenzy, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Oh, what fun it is to…jump and climb in the tree. It’s covered in sparkly moving targets, that wobble in the breeze and bounce onto your whiskers when you tap them with your paw.

“Too good to be true”, I hear my fellow felines mew.

Which cat gets to swing like Tarzan on the humans’ festive tree?

Well not me, within five-minutes of festive, uncontrolled, rumpus, my human dad started rattling that tin. You know, the noisy one with coins in it. I hate that sound it makes. I did try one other time, to get into the tree and have a bit of fun, that too was short-lived. Out came that awful tin. Needless to say, that I’ve not been near the tree. I’ve just been admiring those cat’s pyjamas longingly, from a distance.

My top-cat tip for the festive season: don’t eat any plant things around the house e.g. Poinsettias, Holly, Lilies nor the festive trees; they are not good for us kitties and can make us quite ill. And meooow, don’t play on the humans’ tree.

Happy tree-day my fellow furry friends.