Me and my humans were horrified to learn that some smelly copycats decided to try and make a knock-off of our beloved  Ripple Rug – under a different name.
Copycats often follow a pattern: they run commercials, create a website, spread messages via social media etc. Anyway, unsuspecting human pet parents see what a great product this is, so they stick their paws into their wallets and pull out the plastic so that they can buy one.  (Let’s face it, the Ripple Rug has become my most favorite thing to play, nap and hunt in, so why wouldn’t you want one?)
These bad cats even used our Ripple Rug in their commercial, bad kitties – no treats for you.

What pet parents don’t realize is that knock-offs are so frequently made using inferior materials, that may be harmful to us kitties, that may also fall apart quickly, leaving unhappy pet parents and fur babies. In some instances the smelly “fat cats” may do this to collect credit card information. (Maybe they might want to steal your identity? Who knows what they do when they don’t have any mice to play with?)
In any case we wanted to warn all pet–parents out there, that THERE IS ONLY ONE RIPPLE RUG! Please be careful. We will update you as we get more information.
Stay Mewed! More to come…

*** There is Only One Ripple Rug!*** BEWARE – The Purr N Play is a knock-off that may be offered to consumers by unscrupulous copycats!