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Your Cat Will Love The Ripple Rug!

RippleRug_LOGO_registeredThe Ripple Rug’s so versatile – you can shape your Ripple Rug anyway you like.

The Ripple Rug is a versatile pet enrichment system that’s designed to meet your cat’s natural instincts. Made in the USA the carpet is made using post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The ripple rug is strong, durable, yet soft, perfect for kitty claws or teeth, and cozy enough for your cat to snuggle up and sleep in. You can re-shape the rug as often as you like, giving your cat a new play space everyday. Unlike large cat furniture the Ripple Rug folds and stores away neatly, should guests visit.

The Ripple Rug consists of two pieces of carpet: the bottom half is lined with a thermally insulating non-slip gel-coating, and the top half contains multiple touch-points to help form your own ripples. Holes of various sizes on the top rug are perfect for your kitty to hide and peer out at passersby. The Ripple Rug is non-toxic and easy to wash with soap and water.

Visit the Ripple Rug website to learn more.

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