to use or not to use…litter…

By Yoda – The Snuggly Cat

I’m pretty good when it comes to visiting my litter box. On occasion, I seem to develop amnesia and start wandering around, sniffing my environment in search of the perfect poop-spot. Then my human will look at me funny and I suddenly remember where I should be going!

When we were little kittens, we instinctively copied mommy-cat. I loved being with mom and was glued to her heals. I watched and learned from her. It didn’t take long to know what the right thing to do was. Some of my siblings weren’t quite as studious as I, and they would miss the box altogether.

Scratching and digging is second nature to us kitties. If we’re not going in the litter box, there’s often something bugging us. Mommy-cat always taught us to be clean. “Cats are clean. We don’t like smelly. We don’t like messy. Remember that and you’ll do just fine”, she used to tell me.

So let me share my cat wisdom with you. If for any reason, your whiskered friend chooses your: laundry pile, the spare bedroom duvet or your fluffy bathroom rug to do their business, you need to put your thinking cap on. It could just be that the tray is full. No kitty wants to plough their paws through poop-central, that’s just disgusting.

A cat needs room to manoeuvre. You don’t have to poop in a tiny shoebox. We don’t want to either. We’re not talking about ‘enough room to swing a cat’. We just need to be able to turn around without banging into something!

Cats don’t always like super-scented chemically air-freshened litter. Let me give you an analogy: remember when you were little and an older relative would come and see you. They would spray on so much cologne, that you couldn’t breathe. You felt your lungs tighten, and you thought you were having an asthma attack? I think you get the picture, non-scented is sometimes better!

I don’t know about you, but I like to poop in peace. I don’t want to feel as though I’m sitting in the middle of Grand Central Station. I need calm, quiet and privacy. I think you’ll agree with me on that ☺

Maybe, just maybe, you have to share you litter box with others. That can be unsettling. You know that feeling, having to share the public bathroom with others – that can be quite ‘nasty’.

Perhaps you live in a mansion. Which means that you have to travel far, pinching it in. That’s not fun either. Let’s put more than one box in reach. That helps prevent embarrassing accidents. We feel so bad when that happens ☹

Finally, and thankfully this hasn’t happened to me. Kitty might be ill. In which case, I hate to say it, you might have to put Kitty into the Kaarrr and take her to see those probing humans in the white coats.