what would you like to eat?

[raw diets]

By Yoda – The Snuggly Cat

I know I’ve mentioned it in passing, but eating is so important to me. I love food. I like to eat regularly. I don’t like massive platefuls of stale food lying around attracting flies.

When I was little and living with mommy-cat I ate dry nibbly-bits. They made me thirsty. They gave me really un-lady like wind. I mean it was bad. Even my humans count run away fast enough. I would just look at them and blink sweetly. Even that didn’t help.

My dry nibbly-bits didn’t last long. When I left mommy-cat and came to live with my human BFF I switched to raw meat. Which is kind of funny, because my human is vegan!

There are so many brands of food out there and so many pretty colored bags and special silver tins to choose from. With cute furry, healthy-looking, whiskered friends posing happily. How do you really know which one to pick?

I am a cat. I like meat. That makes me a carnivore. Sorry to my human BFF – please don’t read any further, it will make you queasy!

I have nice pointy teeth (with my humans can vouch for) designed for tearing up flesh. I live for protein. Raw protein’s the best. We kitties have short, acidic intestines. That means that meat passes through our systems much faster than for you poor meat-eating humans. It also means that there’s less chance for harmful bacteria to hang around.

OK so my raw meat diet doesn’t consist solely of raw packs of filet-steak from the supermarket. A good raw diet contains all the nutrients you’d get from eating freshly killed prey. This includes ground up: raw muscle (e.g. leg, thigh), raw organs (e.g heart – contains taurine, liver), egg yolk and egg shell, kelp, dulse, gelatin, and salmon oil.

The most important thing is: not to give our little digestive systems grains and vegetables. We’ll leave those for the veganoids. Grains and veggies just don’t sit well in our tums. It can eventually make us really ill.

If you sit in front of your illuminated box, click your pointy mouse, you can learn all about making your own kitty food:

This one has great color pictures and is dedicated to raw diets:


This is written by one of those humans who wear white coats, and who really understands cats:

My human buys raw cat food prepared and frozen. I think that she’s coming round to making it herself, but I think that she prefers to chop up vegetables instead! One day soon…